Ginger Beer

Collect some PET (Polyester) soda bottles. I use 1 liter empty tonic bottles. Or glass bottles used for carbonated water with a screw top. Best of course are bottles with ceramic wired stoppers, such as Grolsch beer and some European sodas are sold in.

Locate an empty 1 gallon jug (Polyethylene or glass) (Wine, milk, iced tea, etc.)



1 teaspoon (5 cc) of yeast. Use ale yeast if you can, or baker's yeast.
2 cups (450 cc) of sugar
1/2 cup (120 cc) of lemon juice, with pulp. (Acid gives it bite)
8 oz (200 g) of fresh ginger
2 teaspoons (10 cc) of cream of tartar if you have it. (smoothes it out)



   1. Get the yeast going in a cup with some water, and a tad of sugar.

   2. Grate the ginger.

    3. Put the sugar and lemon juice and ginger in the gallon container. Add water until about half full. Shake to dissolve and mix. Add yeast and add water to fill (allow some expansion space).

    4. Put top on loosely and stand on counter. When fermentation starts, allow it to bubble away for about a day or two.

    5. Then using a strainer and funnel, fill the bottles. Put caps on tight. Leave out and allow fermentation to re-start. Once the bottles feel "tight". Pop them in the fridge to slow/stop further fermentation.

Drink cold on hot days.

Note: It is best to use ale yeast, but but if ale yeast is hard to locate just use bakers yeast. Seeing as bakers used to used to be ale yeast, it does an adequate job.