3 cups of small white navy beans (haricot beans)
1 Large carrot
1 onion studded with cloves
1 bouquet garni
1/4 cup of goose, duck or bacon fat
1/2 lb of bacon or ham sliced
1 1/2lbs of mutton or pork or beef
1lb of garlic or Toulouse sausage
2 brown onions or 2 cups of shallots
1 small can of tomato puree (optional)
Salt and Pepper


    A day before you want to serve the dish, soak the beans in a large pot or bowl.

Rinse and drain the beans. Put them in a large heavy pot, an enameled cast iron pot is best. Add the clove studded onion, bouquet garni, carrot, and bacon. Cover with water and simmer for about an hour.

When the beans are done, discard the carrot and onion. Put the beans to one side.

Put in the fat and brown the meat.

Cook the sausage whole, then slice up when cooked before adding back in the pot.

Remove the meat and fry the onions and garlic.

Add back the meat and beans, add the tomato paste and cover all with either white wine of the liquor from boiling the beans.

You can use pretty much any meat, and don't have to use as much as in the recipe. Simmer in the pot for about an hour, two hours is better.