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> Is anyone Out there knowledgeable about waffles (Belgian in particular) 
> For example whats the diff in belgian waffles and reg. or plain waffles? 
> Is it just the size or the actual ingredients? 

One of the diffs is that the belgian waffles are square and
Norwegian waffles are round or heart shaped. 

> Also does anyone have a recommendation on which Belgian waffle Iron to buy? 

The "Sweet Hearts" waffle iron from Black & Decker is the best in
the world. It beeps when you should add the batter. It beeps when
the waffle is ready. It is wonderful. I have used every waffle
iron, even cast iron ones on wood stoves and the Black & Decker
is the best. It is also competively priced. 

> If someone has a good recipe that would be helpful too. Any
> recipe would be  great but I'm interested in one that uses some
> degree of whole wheat if that can be done with waffles. 

Here is my low fat healthy waffle mix. 
400 cc (cL) Fine wholewhaet flour 
400 cc (cL) Course wholewhaet flour i
500 cc (0.5 L) Non Fat Milk or water 
1 package dry yeast or 1/2 package fresh yeast. 

Mix all dry ingredients, add fluid - if using cake yeast, blend
into liquid then add. Whisk the whole works and get it pretty

Let stand for at least an hour to allow the yeast to work. 

Yes, you can keep it in the fridge, so for killer crispy, tasty
breakfast waffles, make the mixture the night before and keep it
in the fridge lightly covered.  This is a very simple and really
tasty waffle. You won't believe it is whole wheat fIour and low

From: (Per Oestman)
Subject: LACTO: Laktawaffles (swedish yeast-raised waffles)
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This recipe comes originally from a restaurant in a place in northern
Sweden called Laktatjokka, nine kilometers from Bjorkliden in the
Abiskofjelds. The restaurant is situated 1228 metres above sea-level and
is Swedens highest situated restaurnt, hotel and sauna. The recipe is
made by a woman named Britta Sixtensson in the early 1980's. It is a
rather large batch, so make it for a "Lakta-evening" with your friends.

	1 litre 	milk
	2 tsp 		active dry yeast
	4 decilitres 	whole wheat flour
	4 decilitres	coarse wheat flour
	1 tsp		salt

Lukewarm the milk and stir the yeast into the milk.  Beat the flour
into the milk-yeast mixture, first the whole wheat flour, then the
coarse wheat flour.  Beat until you get a smooth batter.  Add the salt
allow the batter to rise for 1 hour.  Brush the waffle-iron thoroughly
with butter and begin to fry.  Calculate a little less than one
decilitre batter per waffle.

Enjoy the waffles with whipped cream and cloudberry jam.

Per Oestman