Danish Liver Pate


2lbs of liver
1/4 pound of pork fat
One pint of white (Béchamel) sauce
One can of Anchovies
Medium minced onion
2 cloves of garlic
salt and hot sauce (Tobasco, cayenne) to taste


    The chopping or grinding can be done in a blender, "Cuisinart", meat grinder or just chopped with a knife.

    Grind or chop the liver. Coarse or fine as desired.. Grind the fat. and finely chop or grind the onion.
    Mix together in a large bowl.
    Grind or finely chop the anchovies and garlic. The garlic should be put through a garlic press.
    Mix the above and add salt and hot sauce.
    Stir in the white sauce.

    Pour into pate dishes, "ramekins",  or Pyrex dishes.

    Put a water bath (large dish with water in it) in the oven when it has been  heated to 350 F..

    Place the pate in the water bath and cook for one hour.

    Eat hot from the oven, or after it has cooled